Summer has arrived. Here is the few things I like to do in summer.

-Feeling the sunburn on my skin on a breezy summer afternoon
-Reading in the shadow where I can catch some wind
-Eating lots of fruits.
-Using sunscreen cream just because I love its smell
-Sleep with the window open
-Planning vacations
-Collect things like seashells, leaves, stones
-Drinking rosé

What are your summer rituals?


I am such a big fan of blogs. My daily ritual in the morning is going through the blogs with my coffee in my atelier before work. Here are some of my favorites.
 / This is a website, documenting inspiring people from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds. Very inspiring. / A well-known design and architecture blog.
T magazine / Culture, art, traveling, decoration. / Read and dream
april and may /  a nice interior design blog / I advise checking the favorite spot before traveling to a city. /  It definitely change the way you look at the world. / A traveling blog with the nice images design design design this is a new discovery. ‘Business’ side of the fashion.