This book is a great treasure from Marrakech. During my travels I always go to bookstores to find books about the city. However I found zero bookshop in Marrakech. But in a store I came across by this book/the only book in there -a french/spanish photographers black and white photos from Morocco. I am happy to share a great discover of an artist FLORE and a lovely book. Her photographs are pure beauty.


You can find the book here. LINK


The things I have had/done/listened/designed/learned/taste/liked/discovered lately.

The object:  Piano. A surprise from my boyfriend. I came home one day and found the piano in the room. 
I designed:  this leather backpack link / so functional, strongly recommended. 
The book:  A Country Called Childhood link / I loved it. 
The website:  Pinterest. link  / I am addicted.
The film:   Youth link  / Beautiful film. 
The music:  Evgeny Grinko / I am happy that soon I will listen him alive. link for the tickets. 
I taste: Spritz / It reminds the afternoons in Italy. Here is how to do. link  
I smell: my old books

The word: komorebi link
I learned: the meaning of geyser. link
The place: my atelier / these days where you can find me. 
The artist: Giacometti link



Hello from a calm, rainy saturday afternoon. It is such a perfect weather to work, to make plans and to dream. And also to drink coffee.

Lately I have been working on my new project, which I am really excited to show you.
I spent the the last 2 weeks in my atelier and I did some renovations. I now have a small studio for photo shootings, a really small one, which means I will able to do more shootings. So hope to share the pictures from the new project very soon.

Besides my works I helped my boyfriend for the organising his new studios opening. (I already told you about his studio here. ) We designed a very cool invitation for the event. There will be live music and food will be cooked and served (and designed) by a very cool and talented women. The opening will be next friday. I will write all about it.

I love exploring new things, places, thoughts, websites, brands, people, books, etc.  I want this blog to be my memory while inspiring the reader. I guess inspiration and discoveries is the main target.

Here is a list of  my latest explorations: what I like, eat, see, read, listen, touch, smell in these days.

The book: A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit. You can find here. I am reading the book and I love it.
The website: junglesinparis.com. I’ve blown away by this beautiful travel blog.
The smell: The smell of the earth after the rain, that is what I smell latelty and like.
The film: Winter Sleep. A beautiful film by Nuri Bilge Ceylan with the amazing scenes. You can watch the trailer here.
The music: Koda
I eat: at the Yeni Lokanta restaurant last week. The website of the restaurant is here. I love the interior and the food was really good. The atmosphere was so lovely. We had a good chat, a good dinner with my boyfriend.
I taste: the ice cream in Yeni Lokanta which I have to mention because it was exactly the same taste of the ice cream I used to had  a lot when I was a child, in the summers that I have spent in my grandmothers hometown.
The object: The notebook. This is the one thing I can not live without. It has to be in the perfect size, the pages must be plain, and the right colour and weight. The notebook I buy is here. A moleskin.
I design: the invitation for the opening of my boyfriends hair design studio, no.21, which I already told about. Really wonder your opinions.

Image credit: junglesinparis.com


I want to share some details from my atelier, from where I work, dream and make things.

The building is located in Tünel, an old part of Istanbul. It is an 19th century building.
It has high ceilings, large windows and there is this incredible amount of sunlight each day. I wanted to share my desk as well, but it was a great mess, next time hopefully:)

Photo credit: Yasemin Özeri except the last photo. It belongs to a photographer I forgot his name sorry. 


After a long voyage, our way back to home.
I love traveling. I love losing myself, losing my identity in an unknown land. I always feel so sentimental on the way back home.
Airports are like the passages both to a new life/hopes/adventures and back to reality/responsibilities/dreams.
This series shot by me and my boyfriend on the way back home after a long trip. (by analog camera.) 
Photo credits: Yasemin Özeri & İbrahim Zengin