We came back home from our Morocco trip with lots of memories and rolls of films actually. (I already told you that İbrahim just took his analog camera with him.) I have selected the ones that I really liked and I made two groups:  black & white films and the color ones. (I will upload the b&w ones as soon as I can) It is so interesting to see our trip from his eyes.


I once read in an interview of an art curator about the choices we make. She says:

When you go to a restaurant you don’t order everything on the menu. Instead you choose one and you enjoy it, that is how it has to be in the galleries. You cannot see everything, you have to choose.
I am more then agree to her sayings and that is also my philosophy when I travel. I have never been ambitious to see everything or to taste everything, to take pictures of everything. Instead I and my boyfriend we enjoy the moment and we try to live the moment to the fullest.

The day we went to the Jardin Majorella, we were impressed a lot by the tranquility and the touching atmosphere of the garden. It was like we were in a place where the time stops. We spent hours to look all those different species of plants, to smell them. We had long chats, we took pictures, and simply enjoyed the enviroment. We had a lovely dinner in the cafe, situated in the garden, surrounded by flowers, odours and vivid colours.
I mostly took polaroids, while my boyfriend prefer an old canon with the films. I love how my polaroids comes out in seconds while we have to wait for his images for days.

I will share my polaroids in an other post and promise to share also İbrahim’s photos as soon as we develop them.

Photo credit: Yasemin Özeri & İbrahim Zengin